Russian Business Visas

russian passportBusiness visas are the most popular ones among business people. These visas can be obtained for a longer term that tourist visas and the Consulate processing period is usually shorter.

Officially business visas are intended for foreign citizens who travel to Russia to meet their business partners, take presentation, sign a contract, visit an exhibition, etc. You do not need to prepare hotel reservation or an itinerary to get a business visa.

These visas do not imply official employment in Russia.

Firstly, you should get an official invitation from a Russian firm. Business visas allow stay in Russia up to 12 months and can be single-, double- or multiple-entry.  Business invitations are issued by Ministry of Internal Affairs. To apply for an invitation, your inviting company should be officially registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In some cases the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can send a special telex instead of the paper invitation letter to the Russian Consulate chosen by you.

Please make sure to choose the agency that can provide registration of your visa in Russia and help in exceptional cases.
Your sponsoring company will be the party to whom you trust your well being and safety in Russia for a term up to 1 year.
russian business visaTerms and price for issuing the actual visa will depend on the Consulate, and sometimes on the applicant’s citizenship. Usually the amount is higher for quicker processing and for longer visas.

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6 thoughts on “Russian Business Visas

  1. I am married to a russia woman (both living in the UK), i like visiting russia but they only give me a single entry visit visa, i know i can get a business visa but that is rather expensive and only lasts a year… Is there anything else I can do?

  2. Have any American citizens had the experience of applying for a Russian business visa while physically outside of the United States? Did you just mail your passport to a Russian consulate in the US, get your Visa Expedited and mailed back to you, and cross your fingers that you wouldn’t be requested to present your passport for a week while abroad, or what? Clearly I’ve gotten myself in a little bureaucratic jam and would appreciate any advice.

  3. Hey everyone, looking for some advice. I applied successfully on May 10th 2011 for a Russian Tourist Visa. I’m about to send off an application for a second visit next month. The problem is, I lost my job roughly 2 weeks ago. I’m pretty concerned this is going to have a negative impact on my application. I have put my Dad’s business in as my current employer, which is partially true, as he pays me cash in hand for small bits of data entry work, but I’m not on an official payroll. So what I need to know is, can the Russian Consulate perform checks on your Employment Status? Do they have access to such information? I’m 22, no criminal record, and registered correctly during my last visit. There is nothing to set off alarm bells, but what is the likelihood they WILL actually try to verify my employment details? I think that I’m thinking way too deep into this, but here I’m hoping somebody will have more knowledge than I on this matter. Cheers! Ah – It might be worth mentioning, the Visa in question that I am applying for is a 30 Day Tourist Visa.

  4. The salary comes from Japan, so I will officially have no job offer from Russia. Do I need a business or travel visa in this case?

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