International Trade With Russia

There are 3 keys to success — good marketing, accessing to professional language services and an understanding of the Russian business culture. By following these rules you will have great success there.
International trade in Moscow
Market Research

The bedrock of exporting success in Russia is thorough market research. Unfortunately, Russians are hesitant at revealing business information so there is little in the public domain. Therefore, all good research is done in the country.


Russians are wary of unsolicited business approaches, especially in English. They would need to pay for a translation so your message would most likely end up in the bin. All communications must be in Russian from the outset, although it is initially acceptable to send an brochure in English with separate translations of the important sentences with your introduction letter. The way your company is perceived will depend on the quality of your interpreter. Being able to say a few words in Russian always pay dividends in social situations but when it comes to business discussions there is no substitute for a professional interpreter. When visiting Russia for negotiations hire your own interpreter. It costs more, but owning the translation process means that you can be less manipulated by the other side and you will be able to refer back to them for further clarification should the need arise.

Business Culture

The Russian business culture is more Asian in origin than European. It is based on the number and Continue reading

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